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The decorative plate with terracotta base is a unique decorative object that will bring a rustic and warm touch to your interior. Made from clay fired at high temperatures, this plate is both strong and durable.

The plate has a terracotta base which gives it additional elegance and stability.

The natural color of terracotta gives this plate a warm, earthy look, reminiscent of Mediterranean artisanal traditions. Each plate is unique, with its own nuances and variations, making it a truly special decorative item.

This decorative plate can be used in different ways to add a touch of charm to your interior. You can use it as a tray to display your favorite items, as a bowl for fruit or small snacks, or simply as a decorative piece in its own right.

Whether you have a modern or traditional interior, the decorative plate with terracotta base will fit perfectly into your decoration. Its rustic look and artisanal appearance make it a versatile and timeless decorative object.


- Hand washing

- Machine wash

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